FG Prime:


As part of our efforts to lower barriers to entrepreneurship for immigrants and first generations, we run FG Prime, a 6 week startup sprint that focuses on building strong fundamentals to scale your MVP and prepare for fundraising. 


Our program focuses on building core competencies for first time founders to help mitigate execution risk with a heavy emphasis on community support and accountability throughout the program. We understand how hard, lonely and painful it can be to be a founder, especially as an immigrant or under resourced entrepreneur, so we built Prime to have a group of other founders that looks and sounds how NYC does. Our goal is a community where you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not to fit in. 


Each week, we meet twice on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for an expert led workshop and discussion; each workshop has pre- and post-assignments that have been created by the expert. On Sunday mornings, we meet for plenary sessions to discuss the week’s sessions and for group and pair work. Our Sunday sessions focus on getting to know the other founders and working through each other’s business problems as well as addressing mindsets that many underrepresented groups face.



Our curriculum has been designed by an immigrant founder that specializes in adult learning neuroscience and applied specifically for first time founders. 


Week 1: Competitive Positioning and Corporate Vision Roadmap

Week 2: Goal Setting, KPIs and Testing

Week 3: Product - Management & Decision-making

Week 4: Product - UX/UI & Founder-Led Sales

Week 5: Marketing & Early Stage Sales Processes

Week 6: Pricing, OKRs, Metrics and Financial Models 



Immigrant or first generation American. Non Ivy/Stanford. B2B SaaS, B2B Marketplace with at least an MVP ready. 



Free. We are passionate about lowering barriers to entrepreneurship for immigrant and first generation founders on our quest to increase socio-economic and cultural diversity in tech and startups.