FG Prime:


As parts of our efforts to decreasing barriers to entry to entrepreneurship, we are piloting FirstGeneration Prime to help bring more immigrant and first generation founders into the ecosystem, earlier.

We're planning an intensive 6 week program to help founders build strong business fundamentals to help scale their MVP. 

At a high level, each week we will have 2 speakers present on their topics of expertise (1h-1h30) + 1 practicum on the weekend. Following each speaker, there will be ~30min devoted to co-creating takeaways and cheatsheets as well as goal setting that each founder will be held accountable to. The weekend practicum will see the founders get to know each other and work through problems their businesses are facing.

As part of this experiment, we will weave in expert workshops, strong sense of community and accountability. We are looking for 6 companies to join for 6 weeks and we are asking for ~5 hours of weekly commitment. 

Requirements: Immigrant or first generation American from non-western/english speaking countries and did not go to Ivy League. Must be working on B2B SaaS with at least an MVP ready.