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FG Prime

FG Prime is a 6 week program designed for first time FGI founders in NYC and the first step in our efforts to help our companies raise their first $1m in funding. Our program is free. 


The program focuses on building core skills to go from MVP/early traction to seed and beyond. We bring in leading founders and experts to lead interactive workshops which we reinforce through real-time implementation, pair work and Sunday working sessions. We understand how hard, lonely and painful it can be to be a founder, especially as an FGI founder, so we designed Prime to have a heavy emphasis on community support and accountability throughout the program. 

Our Results in 2 Cohorts


companies raised $2m seed rounds.
1 company finalizing $3m seed round.


1 company raised preseed round. 


5 companies actively raising preseed & seed.


1 company acquired.


Our curriculum and approach has been designed by an immigrant founder that specializes in adult learning neuroscience and created specifically for first time founders. 


  • Week 1: Creating the Narrative

  • Week 2: Goal Setting, KPIs and Testing

  • Week 3: Product - Management & Decision-making

  • Week 4: Product - UX/UI & Founder-Led Sales

  • Week 5: Marketing & Early Stage Sales Processes

  • Week 6: Pricing, OKRs, Metrics and Financial Models


  • 6 week time commitment, 3 sessions each week.

  • 2 evening sessions; expert-led workshop and discussion.

  • Sunday morning sessions to discuss the week’s sessions and for group and pair work.


  • At least 1 immigrant or first generation founder based in NYC.

  • B2B SaaS, Consumer SaaS, Marketplace

  • At least an MVP ready


Founded by
Rich & Roland Mokuolu

“FirstGeneration has been a tremendous resource to Roland and me in our entrepreneurial journey. We have been able to connect with numerous industry experts for strategic insights as we scale, as well as connecting with an amazing community of fellow founders. FirstGeneration played an instrumental part in Partsimony closing its seed round and we can't say enough about the value FirstGeneration brings to founders. We'd highly recommend FirstGeneration to any founder looking to scale their business.”


Founded by
Carson Hunt & Jorge Obeso

“As first time founders, FG Prime was one of the few programs that truly exposed us to thought leaders across just about every area of startup building and scaling. Rather than boring lectures, we were able to learn from experts and apply that to our business. FirstGeneration was extremely helpful in helping us to prepare for our fundraising. I highly recommend joining Mat and his team.”


Founded by
Christina Perla & Manny Mota

“FG has kickstarted our founder-to-founder community in a super genuine, quality, and helpful way. We were a part of FG Prime Cohort #2, and honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience. The curriculum was tailored to companies at our stage with our needs. All speakers were such value add, immensely helpful. We've met with many post-FG Prime and they've been incredibly helpful after too! And willing to be helpful in any way! I'm part of many founder communities, but FG cultivates an atmosphere unlike any other. FG has really elevated our efforts in fundraising, from warm intro's, peer-to-peer feedback, and materials reviews.”


Founded by
Samuel Okpara

“One of the things that I noticed about the FG Prime community was that members looked out for each other. I was able to network with and learn from experienced entrepreneurs who were in my shoes as first generation immigrants. I learned a great deal at the workshops led by experts in each subject, ranging from vision to how to hire your first salesperson. The experience was invaluable, resulting in the sale of my company. I am thrilled to continue to be a part of this community.”

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